May 25, 2020

iOS 11 Battery Saving Tips & Tricks (Fix Draining)

Speed up the new iOS 11 and Fix Battery Draining Problem on all devices. This problem is mostly on the older iPhone 5s/6/6s/7 but it works fine on iPhone 8.

Follow the instructions in the video to get rid of battery problems and issues. This will surely work for you and increase the battery life of your phone.

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11 thoughts on “iOS 11 Battery Saving Tips & Tricks (Fix Draining)

  1. Lets start off with your English was perfect….and there was a few things that you added that i switched of…..ive only had my iphone 6 for just under a month now….and watching these educational vids… battery usage has improved outta sight…so thank you guys helping us out….cheers

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