July 9, 2020

iPhone 7 Plus FAIL

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iPhone 7 Plus FAILS for Vlogging. It thermal shutsdown after 10 minutes of video recording in 85 degree heat.

41 thoughts on “iPhone 7 Plus FAIL

  1. Canon g7x mark ii should do the trick for u.

    Flip up "selfie" screen, great video quality, optical image stabilization, small for travel and transfer videos to ur phone wirelessly.

    So u can travel with the iPhone SE + canon g7x ii. Be light. The canon can be charged via usb from a battery pack, even while recording… food for thought! Thx for ur great content! Keep it coming

  2. The iPhone se is a great phone and I personally have an iPhone 6s Plus and I love it. It's hard for me to get around no headphone jack due to the fact that everyone has one. So we shall see what the 8 or whatever there going to call it has. We shall see if I switch to something else.

  3. or how about NOT using a case so that this fucking phone is not insulated as hell in your extreme use case scenario?
    your points and explanations dont sound professional at all!

  4. Told you so, but I just heard a rumor just for you, Apple is releasing an SE2 with the rest of the iPhones this year and one thing I know is that you are one of the smart one which will go and buy one and you won't have to carry a mini tablet with you, beside that I think that you got a lemon because you are the first that I hear about thermo problem, I always wanted to see that symbol popping up and right now the company I work for sent me to a really hot place across the globe and still never happened to me or as far as I know anyone in this tiny country which because it's so small you hear about things like that.

  5. What about an sj7 actioncam? Or Sony as 300 or x3000?
    Or much better: an lg g6 with an wide lens and normal lens at the back, the front facing camera has an fhd res.

  6. the screen is not big.. the bezels are.. iPhone7+ 5.5 screen, my Mate9 has a 5.9 screen but the bezels are slim.. so he phone is the same size.. also i have an avarge male hand size, and the phone is just fine…

  7. Think it is more the direct sun light that really heats up
    the phone and less the temperature outside; I leave me phone in the car on hot
    summer days as long as I put the phone in a spot where there is no direct
    sunlight it will always turn on.

  8. In looking at the teardowns, it seems apple cheaped out on the cooling design. They did not give it a proper thermal pad and heatpipe. The SOC is facing the screen, thus you are effectively relying on the screen conducting heat to the rest of the body of the phone, which it does not do a good job of as glass does not conduct heat well, and it only has a paper thin sheet of metal on the back of the display.
    If the device feels like it is 40-45C, then the SOC is probably hitting 80+C on that phone. Seems they did the worst of both worlds. On the android side at least, it was the case that companies made a tradeoff of an aluminum body for the phone where through a heatpipe and a heat spreader, the body of the device can be used as a heatsink without getting to much of a hot spot where the SOC is located. but the tradeoff was slightly weaker signals since antenna bands perform worse than LDS antennas when it comes to gain. LDS antennas will often give 1-4dBi of gain, while antenna bands are often -1 to -9 dBi depending on frequency.

  9. I am surprised someone as knowledgeable as you, uses ios instead of Android. Propriety vs Open Source, Android did everything Apple did before Apple, Androids accessibility and compatibility, most other phones have better cameras then the iPhone. I mean the list goes on, I am seriously surprised you use Apple.

  10. Defective unit? I took my 7+ to Mexico and used it by the pool and took videos non-stop without any issues. It got a little warm but no thermal shutdown or to to a point I was worried about the temp. Perhaps color is a factor. I can see jet black absorbing heat.

  11. Damn! The only time I've seen a thermal shut down on a iPhone was my iPhone 5 that I left in my car during 100+ weather for an hour. I think trying to make a iPhone 6 and after thiner was a mistake! Just my JayzTwoCents!

  12. Eli, your thermal shutdown experience seems like an outlier, unfortunately. I know a number of owners that film all day long in temperatures around what you mentioned.

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