May 25, 2020

iPhone 8 BEST SELLING PHONE OVER Galaxy S9, S9+ | Samsung Galaxy S9 DEAL eBay for $575

iPhone 8 BEST SELLING PHONE OVER Galaxy S9, S9+ | Samsung Galaxy S9 DEAL eBay for $575

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18 thoughts on “iPhone 8 BEST SELLING PHONE OVER Galaxy S9, S9+ | Samsung Galaxy S9 DEAL eBay for $575

  1. The ideal assumption for releasing 3 variants of s10 is that the one with flat screen will be the S Active correspondent released worldwide. Anyway, I willy upgrade from s7 to s10 with flat screen, being also the smallest size. Hoping it will have 4000 mh battery, at this point I dont care so much about the other features.

  2. Haha… I like how no one realizes that why iPhone 8 is on top… Let's keep s9 on the side for a second and let's realize that why actually iPhone 8's sales are higher than iPhone 8 Plus & the iPhone X… Well, some people are saying that it's the software and the ecosystem that keeps apple on the top and unfortunately, that's not the case as the same ecosystem and updates goes for the 8 plus and the X… The real reason is that it's cheap and as it was launched almost an year ago prices have dropped a bit too… Most of the apple users buy apple products just to show off their wealthy status and show how they own a flagship without spending more… These people (99% of apple users) have nothing to do with faster updates and the ecosystem… And i know that for certain because all of my close friends and even my brother admits that it gets boring after awhile but they like to show people that they own an iPhone(Look, I'm rich)… And there are people (including some I know personally) waiting for the next iPhone to launch just cause they can buy previous generation iPhones with an even lowered price… There you go, now you can choose to admit it or curse me in the replies for telling the truth, but it is what it is…

  3. This one is easy. iPhone has updated its software while the S9 is the same. We have to wait for the carrier while iPhone is an experience. The hardware for iPhone is nothing special. Figure it out Samsung.

  4. Im starting to get sick of android, theres always something small, like terrible third party support, or slow updates, getting very infuriating. I shouldn't have to buy a pixel in an eco-system that prides itself on individuality

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