April 1, 2020

The first iPhone 8 dummy hands-on is FIRE! (Apple Byte)

You’ll either be giddy or unimpressed with the new iPhone 8 dummy video, the future of the Apple Watch is micro-LED and we announce our Injustice 2 giveaway winners!

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44 thoughts on “The first iPhone 8 dummy hands-on is FIRE! (Apple Byte)

  1. I have a fake Apple Watch only tells time got it on eBay for $2 bucks shipped from china.
    Took a month to get and it's absolutely flawless!
    Battery lasts 2+ months it only tells time I'm so satisfied I've always wanted a badass apple'esque time piece lol!
    Just refuse to pay $100-$1000 for a digital watch lmao what a scam joke!
    Apple needs an "Apple TimeWatch"
    That only tells time for $75 cash! 🙂

  2. IPHONE 7S!!! PEOPLE Jesus!!! haven't you people learnt how apple works yet for the last 7 year!! this is a S model year!! iPhone 8 will be NEXT YEAR!!!

  3. 'I'm personally invested and waiting to see what apple can do to the iPad pro don't let us down because… ' I thought he was gonna say because he doesn't want the new surface pro. ?

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