July 9, 2020

WHY iPhone 7 Plus

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I’ll be buying an iPhone 7 Plus with a 256GB of storage. the reason is that the overall package seems to be best for vlogging. Rear, Front cameras and audio as a package seems to be reviewed as better than the options.

28 thoughts on “WHY iPhone 7 Plus

  1. I've owned a 7 plus for similar reasons. Highly portable high quality video and I use the voice memo to record band rehearsals. It's also my daily phone. I got the 256 gig version and I can't run out of space. The battery gets me through the day even with recording (Although I don't record everyday).Thinking of creating a flute VLog and was thinking about using a gopro session 5 but the iPhone 7 plus seems like a better more convenient solution. Now looking to figure out what to use to mount the phone on a flat surface to keep it stationary… I'd be curious to here what people are using to mount iphones while Vlogging… Kind of liking the Casey Niestat mount but have not seen one for iPhone.

    Enjoying your Vlogs. Keep doing what you're doing.

  2. I've been in the IT world for about 15 years now and always been diehard PC gamer enthusiast, rooted android with the custom roms and all that stuff but man… at the end of the day I rely on an iphone (also got a 7 plus) because it works every single day and it's predictable. My main work laptop is a mid 2015 retina macbook pro with a windows 8.1 parallels VM. Everything just works.

    Several network and server engineers I know also all rely on iphones and MBP's for the same reason. I have enough of everyone else's crap to worry about fixing. The last thing I need to worry about is fixing my own stuff. I've been dealing with that stuff since the mid~late 90's and jumping over to Apple for my "mission critical" work electronics has made worrying about it a thing of the past.

  3. but samsung s8/8+ are VR capable due to their screen, just mentioning since you were interested in VR tech, my opinion is that 360 videos might be a norm for the future

  4. I'm in total agreement with you regarding an external battery pack compared to a removable battery. So many times I hear from FANDROIDS regarding how great of an option to have a removable battery. They failed to realize each time you remove the battery you're exposing the device and the battery to the elements of nature. Dust, dirt, lint, food, and grease as well to be dented or punctured. After a while, it also affects the performance of the device. Yes, it maybe a bit bulkier having an external battery pack, but they're built better can charge multiple devices and like you stated the phone is charged. You're not constantly hot swapping batteries.

  5. The iPhone 10th anniversary edition should "from the rumours" have a 5.7inch screen in shell only a little bigger than the iPhone 7. This means that you can have the premium features and large screen of the 7 plus in a more portable package. This could be the middle ground between the 5se and the 7 plus

  6. Wait for the newest iPhones. There cameras will be much better and they will have better wireless and CPUs for uploading to the cloud etc and Bluetooth 5.0 which you can share photos using airdrop to your MacBook much faster than bluetooth 4.2 for your "minimal" editing that you do. Also the iPhone edition / 10th anniversary is a good reason to wait. If it doesn't turn out the be great a 2 month or less wait won't kill you

  7. Eli, you won't be disappointed. I went from an Android phone(I was a hardcore Android fan boy for years)and recently got a 128GB Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. Best phone I have ever owned. Once you get over the fact there is no regular headphone jack and find workarounds, its a great experience. The screen real estate and quality of pictures makes it a winner for me. And the battery life is amazing.

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